Rimbaud: Illuminations

A selection of translations into Scots of works from Arthur Rimbaud's Illuminations, with accompanying illustrations.

Fash Like

Aquarelle and carbon on paper

Translation of "Angoisse"
Can it be She'll forgie ma continual fuckt-up ambitions, - that a guid result micht just mak up fir the skintness, - that wan day o' success micht mak us bide weel o'er oor fatal ridfaced corriehaundness?
(Aw palms! diamond! - Love, power! - mair than aw the joys and fame! - in ony case - aw likes, bastard, god, - A younger sel' here and now: masel!)
Thit magic accidents o' science and the actions o' oor union o' brithers micht be cherished like the progressive restitution o' oor first vote o' freedom?
But the Blood-sucking Bitch wha forces us tae behave like tells us tae amuse oorsels wi' whit she leaves us, in ither words be mair amusing then.
Burlin' in oor wounds through sich wan air and sea; afore torments, through the silence o' treacherous water and air, and forwards tae tortures which laugh in their fucking silent surges.


Aquarelle and carbon on paper

Translation of "Vagabonds"
Pitiful brither! whit heinous lang evenins ah owed him!
"Ah ken ah huvnae done ma share wi' this situation. Ah hiv jested o'er his infirmity. Ma faut it wis gaun back tae bein' ootcast and tae slavery." He makt oot ah wis unchancy an' unco daft an' jawed in ill reasonin.
Ah responded like, jeerin' at this bastardin doctor an' endin' wi', gaun tae the windae. Ah wid mak, o'er yon country belted wi' straps o' rare music, bogles o' wondrous nichts tae come.
Efter that vague diversion o' hygiene, ah wid lie in ma pit. An' jist aboot every nicht as ah fell tae sleep, the pair brither wid lift himsel', his fousume gob, een oan stauks, - jist as he wuid've dreamt himsel' tae look! an' wuid pu' me haird ben, howlin' his dream o' mad grief.
Ah hud, atweel, behaundered tae restore him tae his natural bein' - chiel o' the sinn, - an' we gannered, aw nourished o' cellared wines and bakes fir the road, wi' me desperate tae find the space an' the spell.