Gallery: Wanderland

A series which examines childhood, immigration and false memories. These images start from real-life landscapes, often plein air, then developed to incorporate the figure as motif, drawn directly from the artist's own childhood experience. The narratives are deliberately ambiguous, although the form is quite specific. Thumbnails are shown below. Click here for full images.

The Crow Garden
Mixed media on card


The Motherland is never far
Aquarelle and acrylic on board
18 x 22 cm


Oil on canvas
29 x 38 cm


Pastel and acrylic on pastel paper
29 cm diameter


Pastel and acrylic on pastel paper
23 x 22 cm


Aquarelle on paper


Pastel and acrylic on paper
29 x 41 cm


Mountain Klepok
Acrylic on board
15 x 15 cm


Pink Jetski
Acrylic and mixed media on cardboard

Private collection